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I created this website to share my current knowledge, beliefs, personal experience, and skills to those seeking optimal health. I am enormously passionate about optimising human performance and wellbeing and strongly believe in investing in your own health and personal development.

Your environment, self awareness & habits are the cornerstone to optimal health.       



Fortunately I had quite a healthy and active up bringing. My parents were and still are very health focused and that clearly has rubbed off enormously on myself, which I am forever grateful. When my brothers and I were kids, my dad use to try and convince us that he had tennis balls surgically implanted into his biceps (they were that big), whilst my mum was and still is the best cook I know.


My earliest recollection of my interest in health came from when I was around 14 when I was at school camp. I had an odd obsession/ interest in the new craze at the time of flavoured waters. I remember buying maybe half a dozen different flavours and after I had finished them, I filled them back up with water and starting handing them out to my fellow classmates, gaining the nickname for the camp 'waterboy' which I happily embraced. Throughout the rest of high school I was known to bring in for my lunch, whole carrots and cucumbers wrapped in foil along with a piece of fruit and a gourmet wrap. Of course like most kids and teens I had quite a sweet tooth and would inhale copious bowls of various cereals drowned in soy milk at any time of the day, not just breakfast.


When I was 18 years old and working as a tennis coach at a U.S summer camp, it was the first time I noticed my health somewhat declining. I had been brought up as semi-vegetarian (no red meat) as of the rest of my family. I remember from the day I arrived at camp I felt extremely tired. At the time I thought it might had been jet lag, but the extreme lethargy persisted and by the end of the two months I was convinced I had narcolepsy. My iron levels were drastically low, living off a vegetarian diet consisting mainly of portobello mushrooms was not doing my body any good. 

At the start of my 20's I began to loosely follow the Blood Type Diet in which my eldest brother had been following for some time. I was coasting along okay, but still noticing some painful digestive discomforts and gas especially after eating apples and protein bars. Also at the time my hay fever / allergies were becoming increasingly worse each Spring and Summer, causing me enormous discomfort and a break down in my immunity. After exhausting almost every option to reduce the symptoms that were now becoming unbearable, surgery was supposedly the last resort. After my consultation with the specialist, I discovered I had chronic sinusitis. Inflammation that had been there for years. After I had my nose cracked and scraped, the symptoms reduced. I thought finally I was able to get some relief. But as Spring rolled in again the symptoms came back, not as severe, but they were back.

In my frustrated ways I started to seek more answers and dig a little deeper. That is when I came across GLUTEN and INFLAMMATION. I had nothing to lose and thought it would be worth an experiment. It was a slow transition but I slowly came off gluten and with time and maintenance my hay fever subsided and to this day is almost non existent/ cured. That peaked my interest into the impact diet alone can have on us.


March 2014. After the difficult loss of my grandfather, I had a lot of anger and distrust in conventional medicine, which ignited something inside me to seek answers so myself, my family and every other person I can impact will never have to suffer the way my grandfather and my family did.


Only weeks after my grandfather passed, I found and enrolled in the 'Health Coach Training Program' at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (New York) where I began my dive into the alternative health realm. From there I soon began to realise this was where my true passion lived. I was introduced to various diets and lifestyles, one which caught my attention and resonated with me, was a presentation Mark Sisson did about primal/ paleo diet and lifestyle which got me questioning my own beliefs and diet.

Soon after graduating from IIN in 2015 I enrolled in the Primal Health Coach Certification Program which took me deep into ancestral health and biochemistry. I implemented almost everything into my life that I was learning and noticed significant improvements, especially in my cognitive function. My thirst for learning continued to grow, I was introduced to Dave Asprey a biohacker that hacked his own body to function optimally and began to voraciously consume his podcast and content. Not long after at the beginning of 2016 I enrolled in the second intake ever at the Bulletproof Training Institute and have graduated in 2017. 

Dave Asprey and I at the Bulletproof Coach Training weekend intensive in Brooklyn, NY Feb 2016

Dave Asprey and I at the Bulletproof Coach Training weekend intensive in Brooklyn, NY Feb 2016



The most immersive training I have done thus far.

Dr. Mark Atkinson leads the way toward personal transformation, biohacking and human potential development. Through the training I was finally able to effectively implement a daily meditation practice into my life, upgrade and enhance my skills as a coach and human being, all with an incredibly supportive team and network at my fingertips.





The most flexible go at your own pace training I have done thus far.

Mark Sisson and the team take you deep into evolutionary biology, nutritional biochemistry and how to adopt primal knowledge and principles in the 21st century. From the training I was able to gather a deep understanding of where we have evolved from and how that impacts our health & wellness today. 




The most diverse nutritional training I have done thus far.

IIN is now the largest nutrition school in the world and introduces you to over 100 dietary theories from some of the worlds leading experts in their field. As someone looking to get into health coaching or simply just to broaden their knowledge, IIN is the perfect place for that.